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In times when everything has to go faster, even more performance is expected and fewer and fewer qualified staff are available, the solution lies in optimizing processes.

From our customizable framework "FileAccess - Orion" to our all - inclusive carefree package for clubs (www.vereiner.de), it is and always will be our endeavor to program you the ideal solution for your problem so that you can do it faster and more efficiently are better than your competitors.

"He who stops improving has stopped being good"
Philip Rosenthal, entrepreneur


Who we are

We are able to tailor software specifically for you based on your requirements. Your wishes will be analyzed and an optimal solution created for you. Together we can increase the efficiency of your company!

Every customer is unique and individually cared for. Your ideas and goals are the foundation of our work. Based on this, we can create a framework and fill it with life.

If you have any questions, pick up the phone or send us an email. We will get back in touch with you.


have the interest to realize your goals.


is our job, you provide us the ideas for it.


Goals are our challenge.


is something we reckon with before it becomes present.



On the one hand be able to develop innovative products and on the other,
act not only according to economic but also to human standards.
Since the constellation of the founders has emerged from long-standing friendships, can
shared views on things such as sense of duty, dealing with people,
Life views and family values ​​very well internally, but above all, externally with
live our customers.

Only on such a basis, in our view, can innovative and lifelike be
Develop products. Because we have a strong passion for the IT field and
the experiences brought along (technology, development, sales and administration) itself
Supplementing perfectly, was the decision in which market we go from the front
in clear.

So the pf-it-lösungen department was founded in spring 2007 and has its beginnings
in the areas "Websolutions" and "VERso" up to the current "FileAccess Orion" versions and the
"Individual Programming" has become a strong service provider ...

... and we do not stop spinning - a dream comes true !!

Our portfolio

In us you will find your partner who comprehensively looks after you and takes care of all the necessary details. You decide to what extent we can relieve you through our "know-how".

Web Development

Your professional website based on HTML5 and our State of the art framework FileAccess Orion .

UI/UX Design

We also undertake the creation and integration of the design, adapted to your CI, with modern UI / UX concepts.

IOS & Android

We offer the development of native apps for IOS & Android, with all the benefits of system-level integration.


Optimization of on page to backlinks . We advise you and integrate the concept in the presentation.

Micro Services

Are you planning a Scalable Platform? We support you in the implementation with modern SpringBoot Micro Service


We live CI / CD. A codebase, direct deployment to all stages. Meaningful and efficient integration of quality gates.

Angular 16+

We create your SPA with Angular 8 and RxJS. Modern, efficient concepts for your portal applications.

c# Standalone App

Do you need direct access to system resources? We offer you the implementation as a program in c#.


Are you planning a new project? We accompany you with our team of experts in planning, implementation and operation.


Easy to use. Clear and possibly target group-oriented structure


Straight navigation, clear and clear presentation and communication of the offer

Contemporary UI / UX

Mobile first. Pay attention to the corporate identity


Technically flawless implementation (for all common browsers) Legal certainty through completeness of the formal and legal requirements


Note basic settings for findability, on page optimizations

Requirements management

Company website

With a company homepage there are a few things to consider, regardless of whether you design your own web presence or commission it with us. Here is a list of the most important requirements for a company homepage.


With our web business card, even such service providers have their own platform and, above all, their own e-mail address, which does not require a comprehensive homepage, but an individual representation with very low one-time and annual costs. Ideal for doctors, independent sales representatives and other service providers with a high standard.

We are happy to advise you on these points in a personal conversation.


CKB Immobilien

Specially designed for the industry of brokers. With a content editor the "double" work prevented, since the data must be entered only once in Immobilienscout24. The homepage "fetches" the data to be always up to date. (Of course this also works with other real estate sites).
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Our portal for the mediation of rental truck drivers and everything related to the relocation of goods in transit.
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Elektrotechnik Brummer

A small business card page in responsive design for a local medium-sized business. Based on our current framework.
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The Ziach-Schui online portal based on our current framework.
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